Monday, June 16, 2014

Electric Punk

Skirt: Charlotte Russe// Tank: Target// Shoes: Dr. Martens// Necklace: Charlotte Russe// 
Bracelet: Forever 21
     This punky, burgundy skater skirt is one of my favorite pieces. At first glance it might seem too wintery because of the dark color, but when paired with this electric, yellow-green sleeveless tank it gives the whole outfit a much more summery feel, don't you think? I also really loved the beautiful painted walls and the LOVE sculpture that I got to shoot this outfit post at in downtown Culpeper. I'm not sure who painted the walls but my favorite is definitely the outer space scene!

     On a different note, It seems like these past few months have been going by so fast. Tomorrow I will be leaving for my two-day New Student Orientation at VCU and in only a month or so and I'll be there full time!! So in honor of my going off to college, in the coming weeks (and throughout the year) I'll be doing some college related posts, so I hope you will like those!

So tell me, are you going off to college this year? Have you gone to your Orientation yet and if so how was it? Anyways, hope you liked my outfit and stay tuned for those college posts! And as always, have a great week and I'll talk to ya soon!!


  1. I love that skirt and those shoes are so cute. Good luck on your college journey. I remember those days full of a mix of excitement and nervousness. You will make lasting memories.


  2. LOve, Love, Love Doc's! ~Michelle~