Saturday, July 19, 2014

College Dormspiration Based on Style Types

     Here is the first of the college related post I talked about a while ago. Getting my dorm room is one thing I'm most excited about when it comes to college! I have a single and I can't wait to decorate it and make my room feel like the perfect home away from home!!

     So here are four dormspirations based on different Style Types. The Fashionista, The Artist, The Nature Lover, and the Nomad/Traveler! Enjoy!!

The Fashionista

Fashionista Dormspiration 

     Make your room fashionably glam with this pink NYC comforter and city skyline wall decal. Accent the pink with hints of light blue and gold like with this cool lamp and luxe gold throw pillow. Use this gold wire nightstand to put all your essentials on (like fashion magazines, lol) and blue coat hanger for all your fashionable trench coats and blazers. For your walls, put fashion illustrations (your own or from other artists) and some fashion brand logo prints to liven them up. And lastly, use a mood board to hang up all the things that inspire you!

The Artist

Artistic Dormspiration 

      For this creative/art lovers dorm room start with this painterly watercolor comforter and add pillows in similar colors to those in the bed. Artistic accessories such as a sculptural lampshade and nightstand, modern art inspired chair and unique circular photo collage will make your space feel like a gallery. A cute chalkboard easel is great for doing random doodles or writing a note to your roommate. And of course what artistic dorm room would be complete without actual art hanging on the walls (bonus points if it's your own art)!!

The Nature Lover

Nature Lover Dormspiration 

     Bring the outdoors indoors with these nature accessories. A watercolor flower comforter is a great start, then pile on some unique accent pillows like this log pillow or a soft fur pillow. Natural wood accents like this end table and lamp as well as wall decals such as these branches and WILD typography will make you feel even more surrounded by nature. Finish off with some actual nature in the form of mini cacti since they are much easier to take care of then regular flowers!

The Nomad/Traveler

Traveler/Nomad Dormspiration 

     The most eclectic of the group, start off this dorm room with a patchwork style comforter. Then pile on mismatched throw pillows to make the space extra comfy. Pieces that look exotic like this beaded lamp, Chinese fan, or tiger wall decal give the room that global/traveler aesthetic. Add some string lanterns instead of harsh lamp light to give it all a more bohemian feel. Finish off with a kitschy suitcase end table to continue the traveler theme, as well as a map cork board to hang up travel photos or pick out your next dream destination

I had a lot of fun making this post, I feel that my dorm room will have a little bit of all four of these themes!! So tell me, do you know how your going to decorate your dorm room (if you have one)? Which of these themes do you like best?

I hope you liked this post and that it gave you some inspiration for your dorm room. And as always, have a great weekend and I'll talk to ya soon!!

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