Friday, July 11, 2014

Vacation Pics + My Beach Essentials

Perfect day at the beach!
     Here are some beach pics for you guys!! I went to Myrtle Beach at the end of June and I'm just now getting around to putting the pictures up. I had a great time there as always, and actually this Saturday I'll be driving down to the Outer Banks with my friends to spend just one day there and then drive back home! So scroll on down to see more of my pics and at the end I'll show you guys a set of some of my beach essentials!

Just a pic of the beach from the hotel balcony.

Here is one outfit I wore while down there. I took this picture in front of some fancy hotel in Charleston, SC.

Another Charleston pic

Beach selfie with my favorite USA sunglasses!

Walking the beach at night!

A guy caught this shark and it was so cool seeing one up close!

Another balcony pic.

And now here's a little set of some of my essentials when going to the beach! Enjoy!!

My Beach Essentials 

1: Big Tote bag: I've always gotta have a big bag to carry all the stuff I bring. I've really been loving the clear totes lately and this one has the best of both worlds. A little bit see through and a little bit hidden.

2: Sunglasses and Sandals: I always have to bring my favorite American flag sunglasses to the beach. I also always bring a pair of cute, minimalist sandals that are good for both the beach and walking around.

3: Body Stuff : obviously I can't go to the beach without sunscreen but I also always take my Maybelline Baby Lips because it also has SPF so it keeps my lips protected and gives a hint of color. I also love the Victoria's Secret Bronzing Gel, even though it doesn't give my skin much color, it gives it just enough shimmer!

4: Cute Swimsuit: I've been really into the vintage high waisted bikinis lately. I don't have one of my own but I really wish I did, the cupcake print on this one is beyond cute!!

5: Perfect Beach Outfit: simple and comfy denim shorts paired with a loose and breezy tank with a tropical palm tree pic is my idea of the perfect outfit for a day at the beach!

6: Bright Towel: having a bright beach towel like this makes it easy to see from far away on the beach.

7: Water Bottle and Snacks: I always carry water with me at the beach because dehydration can set in quickly and having some snacks are always good for when getting endlessly hit by waves takes all the energy out of you.

I hope you liked my pics from Myrtle Beach and my Beach Essentials! So tell me, have you been to the beach yet this summer? What are some of your beach essentials? And as always, have a great weekend and I'll talk to ya soon!!

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