Saturday, June 6, 2015

I Finally Got Into the Ugly-Chic Sandal Trend, and Here's Why!

Ugly-Chic Shoes

     Of the spring/summer trends I had seen predicted a few months ago, there was one that I thought I would most definitely not participate in. That would be the trend of the ugly-chic sandal! Whether you called them ugly-chic or ugly-glam sandals, I called them just plain ugly and I just wasn't having any of it.

     Then as months passed and I started to see more of them in stores, magazines, and online they started to grow on me a little, but I was still reluctant to buy them. Recalling memories of the unpleasant brown versions of these sandals worn by kids in middle school, the socks with sandals fad or just large, clunky awkward shoes I wore as a kid that made my feet look huge. I thought, how could anything remotely like these be fashionable now?


     But this summer I seem to have suddenly had a change of heart about them. Maybe it's because I found the right pair for me or maybe it's something more. Even though I've always been into fashion, I've never been the type to start an outfit with the shoes, they were sort of an afterthought. When it came to summer sandals, as long as they went with most of my things, helped slim the line of my leg, and make me feet look smaller (since they're kinda big to start with) they were good for me. 

     But I realized this summer that that's not really what I want. I didn't want to always have the "perfect" streamlined summer look, to have an outfit were nothing is out of place and to have shoes that don't really stand out from all the other summer sandals or add anything particularly special to my outfit.


     Right now, I like the thought of having a shoe that's a little bit off. Ones that are a little bit too big, or are a bit awkward. A shoe that makes an outfit that's otherwise very put together and polished a little less so, and makes it look more lived in than a pair of heels or even regular slim sandals would.

 These ugly-chic shoes definitely have the ability to do just that. They add quirk, fun and ease to pretty much any outfit. I guess that's why I suddenly like them now, because that's the style I'm currently seeking, for this summer and maybe beyond. One that is effortless, more care-free and less trying to have a perfectly put together outfit, and instead have one that better fits me and my laid-back lifestyle.


     Now that doesn't mean I've totally given up on heels or regular sandals or that I'm going to start liking every pair of "ugly" sandals I see (because believe me, there are many pairs I still find just too ugly to ever consider wearing.) It just means that I'm trying to add a little more simplicity to my life and wardrobe this summer. And maybe I'm getting a little too philosophical about shoes but I just think that these ugly-chic sandals are a first start in helping me to do that. Easier fashion, easier life! 

And now I'll show you guys my pair a ugly-chic sandals and 3 different ways I style them, Enjoy!

These are my ugly-chic sandals, I found them at H&M! I gravitated to them because of their white color, it felt very summery and the silver straps gave it an almost futuristic look which I really liked. They're just the right amount of big, quirky and awkward, also the foam bottom is extra comfy for all day walking! The only things about wearing white is the dirt, lol! If anyone knows how to get scuff marks out of foam soles, it would be greatly appreciated!

And now for the different ways I style them!

Vintage Twist

This simple vintage dress paired with these sandals looks both quirky and care-free

Cropped and Cute

An intricate cropped top and casual high waist shorts, when paired with these sandals, look a little bit retro and gives off that cool girl vibe!

Casual Polish:

When wearing such as fancy and intricate skirt like this adding these sandals as well as a plain tee that's artfully un-tucked, helps keep the outfit from looking too serious and put together.

Well I hope you guys liked this post and that I gave you some inspiration if you want to try out this trend for yourself. Tell me, are you going to get in on the ugly-chic sandals trend this summer or have you been on it for a while? Anyways, have a great day guys, I'll talk to ya later! :)

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