Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Snow Day!

     My first outfit post since being gone for a month, YAY!! In Virginia we got a good amount of snow but since I had been working for most of the time I never got to go out and really enjoy it. But once I was finished with all my work I left the house and spent a few hours at Barnes and Noble reading fashion magazines. Reading those magazines is one way I like to unwind and with all the work I've had to do I wasn't able to do that for almost three months.
    So about my outfit: this lovely cape I got for Christmas about two years ago (I think). It was back when capes were really popular and I really wanted one, but it seemed like right after I got it the weather for the next two winters was too warm to wear it, or when it was cold I couldn't wear it because it couldn't be worn with a backpack for school. Anyways, I really love this cape, it's a really classic style and I know that I can wear it for many years to come! As for the other elements of the outfit, the fox sweater is one of my favorite items, it's so comfy and it always gets me compliments as does this sparkly scarf!

     I also decided to go for a bold red lip that day. There is just something about snow that makes wearing bright red seem so right!!

Cape: J.C. Penny's 
Sweater: Forever 21
Scarf and Beanie: Charlotte Ruse
Boots: Kohl's
     So what did you think of this outfit? What's your favorite type of winter jacket? Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin and Tumblr!

**Also, about that Sketch of the Day that I mentioned in the last post. Starting on March 1st I will be posting a small sketch of whatever I choose on my Tumblr page. At the end of the week I will compile all the sketches from that week and post them on here, so if you miss any on Tumblr you can see them again here. They will posted on here every Sunday and maybe if I like it enough I will keep up the sketches for more months, but for now I'm only planning on doing this for a month! I don't promise that these sketches will be exceptionally good, I just want to try and draw more small things on a daily basis to better improve my drawing skills. I will make a reminder post about this sooner to the start time, and I hope you will stay tuned for this upcoming series!**

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