Friday, February 28, 2014

Portfolio Art part 2

     Here is some more stuff that I submitted for my college portfolio. As you may or may not know my dream is to be a fashion designer and live/work in one of the major fashion capitols! This portfolio was supposed to be more fashion oriented (as opposed to the general art oriented portfolios of other schools) so all of these are my own fashion designs. I hope you like them!!

So which design do you like the best? As always, follow me on Bloglovin and Tumblr and I hope you have a great weekend!!

** Also don't forget I will be starting my Sketch of the Day tomorrow, March 1st, and go through March 31st! Like I said in this post I will put the sketch for that day on my Tumblr and every Sunday I will compile all that weeks sketches and post them to this blog. I hope you will like this new series!!**

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