Monday, February 17, 2014

Portfolio Art

Medium: Acrylic

     I'm finally back after my nearly month long hiatus!!! (And if anyone actually reads this blog, I am sorry that I've been gone for so long.) I had to take a lot of time to finish all the artwork I needed to submit for my college applications. And now I want to share that art with you!! I hope you like them!

Just a collage of a beach scene. I really like making collages even though they are time consuming!

Medium: Colored Pencil. Just a fairy drawing because I really like fairies!  
Did this one a few years ago and I didn't really like it at first but now I do.

Medium: Oil Paint. This was my first time working with oil paint and I really liked how it turned out.
Medium: Pencil. 
Medium: Acrylic. An abstract painting of a forest I did a few years ago.
Medium: Watercolor.
Medium: Acrylic and Fabric. This is the biggest pieces I've ever done (24 x 36)! It took a long time, but I am really happy with how it turned out!!

     You can also check out three more pieces I used for my portfolio in This Post! I also have some fashion sketches that I submitted for a different portfolio that I will make a separate post about soon.
     I still have a few more small things to draw and one more college to submit to but I will definitely have more time to dedicate to this blog which really excites me. I can finally start to make this blog into what I had wanted it to be from the beginning!
     An outfit post will be up soon and I am also thinking about trying to do a Sketch of the Day for a whole month. I will decide and talk more about it in my next post!! Anyways, have a great week and as always follow me on Bloglovin and Tumblr!

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