Saturday, May 10, 2014

Brand Spotlight: Sseko Sandals

     I wanted to showcase a company/brand that I found out about a few months ago while shopping in Downtown Warrenton. The brand is called Sseko and learned about if from the store Latitudes. While I was in the store the Sseko display caught my eye because of the sandal bases missing all the other parts, which confused me at first. Then I saw the variety of strings and accessories that went with the shoes I knew I had to have them. They are basically a 'build your own sandal', how could I not want them!!

     The bases for Sseko's Ribbon Sandals come in black, brown, and beige. The fabric ribbons come in everything from patterned and metallic, to lace and a multitude of solid colors. There are tons of different ways to tie the sandals, so if you wanted to you could wear a different sandal everyday of the week! And on their website they has video tutorials on the different ways to tie them! But this brand doesn't just make great versatile shoes, they also help those in need.

Here is the combo I got from Latitudes!!

     Sseko is and ethical accessories brand based in Uganda and each sandal is made by a women in Uganda and is a way for women to get employment and scholarship opportunities to help them follow their dreams by going to college as well as ending the cycle of poverty for marginalized women.

     They do a lot more but I feel their website says it better than I can. So go to and take a look at their other types of sandals, as well as their scarves and bags. And with summer coming up quickly, these shoes' versatility makes them the perfect investment sandal!

Here are a few pics of how I've style my sandals so far, both with and without the accessory.

     These are just two of the many styles that you can make with these awesome sandals!! So go check out Sseko and support the great things that they are doing!

And as always, I hope you have a great weekend and I'll talk to ya soon!!

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  1. These are a really nice alternative to just your regular sandals. I like them. ~That Chic~