Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Wish List

Christmas Wishlist 2013


     Since Christmas is only 5 days away (how is it here already, time goes so fast!) I wanted to do a little post of my Christmas wish list.
#1, 6 and 8: Corsets!!!
                        I really like steampunk style, but some of the aspects of it can't really be worn without looking like a costume. But I do love the corset aspect of steampunk style and these are some of my favorites from I'd wear them with jeans or my #2 pick. But they are expensive so I won't be getting them this Christmas, hopefully I will be able to save up enough money to buy one someday.
#2: Velvet Skater Skirt:
                  I've really been wanting something velvet recently and I think a velvet skater skirt would fit the bill. I really like this classic black one but I also think that a red or burgundy one would look good too!
#3: Rose Gold Watch:
                  Rose gold is one of my new favorite metals and I especially love it in over sized watches. And even though I hardly ever wear watches this version from Asos makes me want to start.
#4: Steampunk Jewelry:
               I love the clock and gears in this little ring! But any kind of steampunk jewelry would be nice.
#5: Coat with Fur:
       I saw this coat in Target a few days ago and fell in love with it. I love the gold, patterned design as well as the detachable fur collar. But they didn't have my size in the store or online but a girl can wish can't she.
#7: Dr. Martens Oxfords
          If you saw the How to Style Oxfords Part 2 you may remember these shoes. I still love them!!
#9: Velvet Dress
          More velvet! I really love the print and color of this dress
#10: Black Leggings
           I need a pair of plain black leggings since the ones I have recently ripped.
I hope you like my little Christmas wish list. Tell me, what's on your wish list? And also since this is my 10th post I am now on Bloglovin!! So click on that button to the right and follow me, or just click HERE!

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