Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Day Trip: VMFA


     So on December 21st me and my mom went to the Virginia Museum on Fine Art in Richmond! I'm posting this late because I've been really busy and hadn't gotten around to loading the pictures on my computer until now. We actually planned to go up to DC that day but we decided against it because of the traffic. Then, once we decided to go to Richmond we were intially going to Maymont Park, it was by chance that we found the art museum and decided to go there instead. We didn't get time to see the whole museum since we got there late so we will definetly have to go back. So anyways here are some pics of the cool stuff we saw in the museum. My favorite collection was definetly Art Deco and Art Nouveau with East Asian Art coming in at a close second! Hope you like the pictures!!

South Asian Art Collection:


Art Deco and Art Nouveau Collection:

European Art Collection:


Mid to Late 20th Century Art Collection:


East Asian Art Collection:


     What was your favorite piece of art from this post? Have you ever been to the VMFA, if so what was your favorite collection or what's your favorite type of art in general? Also Happy New Year to everyone! If you are making resolutions what are they? I think mine is going to be to start doing blog posts more often! And don't forget to follow my blog on Bloglovin and Tumblr!

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